Spornia Golf Simulator 7-Step Buying Guide & Set-Up Examples

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Until now you needed a permanent, dedicated space at home for a simulator set-up - not to mention a deep wallet!

With your portable and affordable Spornia Golf Simulator, you can set-up in under five minutes, play 18 holes at the Old Course and then pack it away in even less time.

This level of convenience means you don’t need a dedicated space to set-up — although of course you can leave it up permanently if you prefer.

The total cost to set-up your Spornia Simulator will be around £1k to £2.5k (with the higher end mainly depending on how much you spend on a projector), compared to anywhere from £2.5k to £50k for alternatives.

Simulator Checklist - What You Need:


  1. Net & Space Requirements

  2. Driving Range Mat

  3. Launch Monitor & Simulator

  4. Display Device - Projector?

  5. Target Sheet (optional: only if you're using a projector)

  6. Simulator Software

  7. Safety Netting (optional)


1. The Net - Spornia SPG-7 or SPG-8


Your choice of net will depend on your budget and the amount of space you have. 

SPG-8 is bigger, stronger and heavier but more expensive. The original SPG-7 Spornia net is also a great option. 

Space Requirements:

Ceiling height

  • Ideal height is 3.0m (10 ft), but depending on the height of player/s and clubs, you may get away with 2.7m (9 ft). 
  • Lower ceilings such as 2.4m (8 ft) mean you probably won’t be able to use a driver (again, depending on the player's height).

Room width

  • Minimums: 2m to 2.4m
  • SPG-7 dimensions = 2m wide x 2m deep x 2.1m high
  • SPG-8 dimensions = 2.4m wide x 2.4m deep x 2.5m high

Room length

  • Minimums: around 5-6m (16-18 ft)
  • SPG-7: 2m for the net, 1.5m for the driving mat, 1m for driver swing behind the mat = 4.5m.
  • SPG-8: Add another 0.4m to the above measurements = 4.9m.
  •  If you add the Garmin Approach R-10 to your set-up, it should be 1.8m - 2.4m (6-8 ft) back from the ball. Assuming the ball is in the middle of your mat:
    • For the SPG-7 you need 2m + 0.75m + 2.4m = 5.15m.
    • For the SPG-8 add another 0.4m = 5.55m.


2. The Mat



Once you're set-up with your golf simulator you’ll be using it a lot, so get a practice mat that can take a beating and will last for years. 

We recommend a full-sized, high quality driving range quality mat such as the Spornia Academy Commercial Mat.



 3. Launch Monitor & Simulator


Spornia recommends and sells the Garmin Approach R10 

The Garmin has been rated the #1 personal launch monitor (with golf simulation capabilities) under £500, but it's always worth doing your research.

Check out our article on Garmin Approach R10: Portable Launch Monitor Set-up Tips for more details.

Another good option is the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) 2 Pro.

If you're not sold on the Garmin Approach R10, here are a few articles which review the best portable launch monitors (*Note: not all products reviewed have golf simulation capabilities):

Golfstead: 8 Best Golf Launch Monitors Under $1000 – 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Breaking 80: Best Golf Launch Monitors of 2023: 8 Amazing Options



4. Display Device



Once you've got your launch monitor connected, you'll need a device to display your results. Options include:

  • your mobile phone
  • an iPad or tablet
  • your laptop or computer
  • a TV monitor screen


Using one of these is a great way to get started, but the disadvantage is that you'll need to look across to them after your shot to see results. 

If you want the ultimate golf simulator experience, you'll need a projector and a Spornia White Target Sheet

For projector recommendations and resources, check out our Golf Simulator Projector Buying Guide


5. Target sheet


Projecting directly onto a Spornia White Target Sheet hanging from your net is an immersive experience - hitting shots directly onto the course or range, seeing the ball in flight and landing (hopefully on the fairways and greens!) - then checking and correlating all of your shot data metrics.

*Note: While our White Target Sheets are square with a 1:1 aspect ratio, many projectors have an aspect ratio of 4:3 or 16:9. You’ll need to adjust your projector and/or source settings to capture full simulator images on your white target sheet. 

Refer to the 'aspect ratio' section of our Golf Simulator Projector Buying Guide for more details.

And here are our White Target Sheets.



6. Simulator Software


To turn your launch monitor into a simulator, you will need to subscribe to or purchase a simulator software program.

There are a number of options, including:

Garmin Golf App and Home Tee Hero (which both come pre-installed with the Garmin R10). You can check out Golf Magics detailed review here

Our #1 recommendation based on feedback from our customers is Awesome Golf. It’s a video game type of simulator, with fun graphics, cool games and an awesome Coaching Mode. 

If your focus is game improvement and getting the most out of the Garmin Approach R10 this is a great, relatively affordable option. However, Awesome Golf doesn't include renditions of real-life courses - it offers 4 virtual courses to play. 

If you want more realistic imagery we recommend other options such as GSPro v2, or for top 100 courses check out GSPro v2 or E6 Connect.

But for overall accuracy, pricing and enjoyment it's hard to beat Awesome Golf.

Awesome Golf’s pricing - After the 14 day free trial (which we recommend before you buy), you can pay £14.99 Monthly, £149.99 yearly or £349.99 for a Lifetime membership.

  1. Safety netting (optional)

Adding a pair of Spornia side extension nets provides some additional peace of mind - there's always a chance of balls flying off in unintended directions.

If you have a brick or concrete wall behind your simulator set-up and want to add a complete layer of protection, we recommend purchasing a large piece of sports netting for the back wall. It doesn't need to be heavy duty netting as it should only capture the occasional stray shot.


Putting it all together

Well done - you’ve survived information overload! Now for some inspiration to set-up up your Spornia home golf simulator. 

VIDEO: David Maxfield: Garmin R10 Lounge Room INDOOR Golf Simulator Set-up

VIDEO: David Maxfield: Garmin R10 - You Need This Golf Net ASAP!!

Spornia Golf Simulator Customer Photos:



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Customer Reviews

Based on 246 reviews
Tri Turf Mat
Nick Lelliott
Great mat

It feels good an impact, but time will tell how long it stays great, but at this price you can just keep buying new ones, thanks for a great product.

Fantastic Net

Very good quality and the SPG 8 XL size is impressive, Virtually impossible to miss a net of this size and it very strong

Spornia SPG 7 indoor sim

I bought this along with the practise mat and white target sheet for my basic garage home sim…All I can say is that the service is second to none from Charlie and the quality of the net etc is fantastic value for money….I can only highly recommend all of the equipment and the customer service is fantastic.

Best golf net on the market!

Bought this for my 9 year old daughter to use with her GC3. The quality of this net is superb and so easy to setup! So pleased we went with the Spornia SPG-8 versus many other nets on the market. This is built to last and is perfect for what we need


Absolutely fabulous well pleased service I received was first class from Charlie would recommend this net to anybody. I use it every day hopefully we approve my golf.

Spornia SPG-7 Golf Practice Net

Net & Mat

Purchased the spg-7 and Mat. The Mat is superb. Good build quality and easy to roll up and store when not in use. Will take a beating and is just like you’d find at the range. The net is also great. Super easy to put up and take down again and doesn’t take up much room in the shed. Only complaint would be that it leans quite a bit to one side, which is a bit annoying. You can fix it by doing some bending but it’s usually a temporary fix. All in all though, great products and they arrived really quickly. Thanks very much!

Spornia SPG-7 Golf Practice Net.

Fast delivery, good packaging excellent easy to follow instructions and vides making the net so easy to erect and dismantle

Great Product

It arrived super quick. Putting it together for the first time takes a few minutes and will get quicker with practice. It does everything you need it to, and you can hit any club into it with confidence.

Excellent service and quick delivery.

Spornia Golf Simulator Bundle #1: SPG-7 Net + Spornia Academy Commercial Mat + Garmin Approach® R10

Spornia SPG-8 Golf Practice Net - XL Edition

Excellent Spornia Net and Mat

Excellent support on the purchase by the company. Emails and phones calls were responded to very quickly. Both the net and mat are really good quality. The net is surprisingly robust, it erects easily and after one or two tries we now also put it down easily too! We are really pleased with our purchase.

Spornia SPG-7 Golf Practice Net.

Firstly, the customer service that I have received from Charlie in particular has been excellent. My net was delayed because of circumstances beyond their control but I was kept up-to-date on the progress of the shipping journey.

Given the number of this type of product on the market I did quite a bit of research to determine whether the quality would be suitable for the harsh environment here in Shetland - the Spornia reviews seemed to indicate that it would be suitable - early indications are that it is a quality product.

The instruction video for putting up and in particular taking down are very useful.

Finally - Shetland can be quite windy and as such I found it necessary to peg the net out and use the guy ropes - overall I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone who is in the market for a practice net.

Good investment

SPG-7 is a joy to use. Having the convenience to practice whenever I want, definitely improve my golf on course.

Hasn’t arrived yet

Fantastic product, really pleased thankyou!

Great product, great price, kept well informed all way through to delivery. Thankyou

Fantastic product

I can’t fault this net at all or the service. Amazing quality and fast service as promised. I would definitely recommend this.

Spornia SPG -7

Fantastic net. Very easy to put and down, heavy duty.

Top product.

Great for indoor or outdoor use. Had to wait a while but well worth it.

Quality product

This has answered all my prayers for practice from home. Easy to set up and take down. Durability would appear to be much better than other products time will tell. Did experience some delay in receiving the order due to the ongoing issues in the Red Sea and the ship taking alternative longer routes which were outside the control of the company, however the communication on this was first class.

Well worth the money

A great product at a reasonable price. Easily erected and packed away, though I did have a couple of tries the first time. There’s a great feeling of confidence whilst using the net - hard to imagine anyone could hit a ball through it. Really pleased.

Golf charity auction prize

Thank you to Charlie and the team - always a pleasure to work with and great communication and customer service - products as usual fantastic thank you

Couldn't be happier!

Robust net, unbelievably quick to set up an put away.

Great product

Quality material, item as described 10/10