Backyard blitz: best net drills for ball-striking consistency

Backyard blitz: best net drills for ball-striking consistency


Fellow golfers, picture this: you, your trusty clubs, and a home practice net that is your temple of technique.

The gateway to golf nirvana hinges on the swing. Beginners spend all their time on YouTube video tips. Low handicap golfers invest their time into fine-tuning their swing mechanics and nurturing the muscle memory that breeds consistency. Pro golfers spend less time working on technique, and more time focused on outcomes.

Practice with a high-quality golf net can do wonders for your rhythm and ball striking, as long as you're prepared to think about what you're practicing and why – especially if your usual mode is to just repeatedly bash the cover off the ball!

So let's break down some of the best drills to elevate your ball striking in the comfort of your backyard.

The Set-Up

First, a word on stance – as Ben Hogan said, it's the foundation of a powerful swing. Plant those feet shoulder-width apart, aligning yourself with an imaginary fairway stretching before you.

Grip that club as if cradling a newborn, finding that sweet spot between comfort and control. As you swing, keep in mind that your stance is your anchor, providing stability as you let loose.

Some tips are timeless - here's what the great Bobby Jones had to say about grip fundamentals.

The Wind-Up

Next, focus on your backswing – that crucial phase where power accumulates before the mighty strike.

The drill here is simple: find and embrace your own tempo and rhythm. Start with a slow backswing. Feel the club as an extension of your being. Feel the tension build as you coil.

Then, like a coiled spring, unleash that energy in a smooth and controlled downswing.

This drill helps you find your rhythm and synchronise the various components of your swing.

Agatha Alesson hitting into a Spornia SPG-7 net.

Focus on the Sphere

Now, let’s pivot (pun intended) to the connection between eye and ball. The eyes are the windows to a golfer's soul – or at least to a pure strike.

Fix your gaze on that innocent golf ball’s dimples and visualise its trajectory to a small distant target until the moment of impact. But don't listen to anyone who tells you "keep your head down" - that tip has been labelled by many PGA pros as the #1 worst golf tip of all time.

Visualisation can make a world of difference in your ball-striking consistency.

Strike a Pose

Next, the final act of your swing, the follow-through. After making contact with the ball, freeze for a moment, maintaining your posture and balance. Feel the resonance of your swing coursing through your veins.

Your body's posture, balance and alignment at the finish can tell you a lot about your swing's quality. This drill encourages you to maintain proper form throughout your swing, enhancing your ball striking and overall consistency.

Target Practice

Consistency is the name of the game, and this drill is here to help. You'll notice your Spornia golf net has a target in the middle, which gives you something to aim at. Everyone's trajectory will be different, so play around with a few different clubs and pick a spot to aim at. For example, my 7 iron will hit the dot in the middle of the target, my 5 iron hits the lower circle and my 9 iron the top of the upper circle. Hit 5 shots with the same iron and aim to hit the same spot consistently. It's a simple and effective way to challenge yourself and measure your progress over time.


So, there you have it – a collection of drills to help transform your ball striking.

Regular practice of these fundamental drills refines your technique, fosters muscle memory and paves the way for better ball striking.

Until next time - keep swinging, keep smiling and may the fairways be forever in your favour!

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